is an independent company that is dedicated to the commercialization of its proprietary forward osmosis technology. Forward Water was founded by GreenCentre Canada and is rooted on a platform technology discovered at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.

The global pressure to maintain and enhance supplies of fresh water is increasing. Forward Water’s technology can simultaneously reduce the volumes of challenging waste steams having extraordinarily high levels of dissolved salts while at the same time return fresh water for re-use or surface release. Not only this, but the entire process can be driven using relatively low energy inputs.

Currently, Forward Water utilizes a fully automated and scalable engineering skid, capable of treating cubic meters of feed sources from client-based streams. These high-confidence trials enable an array of process optimization conditions to be tested for client feedback. These results can be readily translated into robust equipment designs, leading to the deployment of larger-scale commercial pilot units. Currently, Forward Water is using the same methodology to construct its first field unit for pre- commercial trials.

Forward Water is focused on the large scale implementation of its technology in industrial waste water, oil and gas, mining, agriculture and ultimately municipal water supply and re-use market sectors.


C. Howie Honeyman

has over 20 years experience commercializing advanced materials and new technologies in both start-up environments and at large multi-national corporations. He has led the Forward Water Technologies as CEO since mid-2015 and was recently the CTO at GreenCentre Canada. He also serves as technical and commercial advisor for several start-up companies located in southern Ontario and continues to aid GreenCentre. Previously, Howie has led research efforts at Xerox Corp, Cabot Corp and E Ink as well as serving as SVP of R&D at Natrix Separations Inc. Notably, while at E Ink he developed the key features used in E Ink e-paper displays and led the development of the first e-paper display technology used in e-readers today. Howie has a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Toronto and is an inventor of record on over 40 US patents.

Craig Gagnon

Craig brings a long history of industrial water treatment and business development expertise, having worked with multinational engineering companies, and completing several industrial water treatment projects with Fortune 500 Mining and Oil and Gas companies. He is a water treatment consultant expert for Tetratech, and has developed treatment platforms for Newalta, Cameco Corporation, Ontario Power, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, AECL, and Cargill.

Leonard Seed

Leonard has over 18 years experience developing and commercializing new water and wastewater treatment technologies, primarily in a start-up environment.  He is a named inventor on over 7 patents and has authored several publications.  Leonard is a Professional Engineer and has an MSc in Environmental Engineering from the University of Guelph.

Amy Holland

has over 6 years of experience focused on the application of CO2 chemistry and separation techniques in the fields of wastewater treatment and oil and gas. Since joining Forward Water, Amy has driven the laboratory work in process development and applications testing. Prior to Forward Water, Amy obtained a MSc from Queen’s University, developing catalysts for Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling of secondary organoboronic esters and hydroboration reactions.

Tim Clark

is one of the original inventors of Forward Water’s core technology and is named on several key related patent applications. In addition, Tim has been deeply involved in all the aspects of the scientific platform that FWT relies on, including liaising on a regular basis with the Jessop Research group at Queen’s University, where the base technology was discovered. Tim has 7 years of hands-on experience with early-stage technology development and project management in the chemical and material sciences. Prior to joining Forward Water, Tim was a Research Fellow at Cornell University and has a PhD in polymer and materials chemistry from the University of Toronto.